Military Initiative

When families see trauma, we see strength. When families see grief, we see resilience. When families see loss, we see hope.

Tuesday’s Children’s Military Initiative guides Families of the Fallen beyond grief into next steps towards a lifetime of healing. Our programs provide long-term support enabling widows, children, and families to heal, recover and thrive for a lifetime. This work fills the gap in available long-term healing programs for U.S. Military Families of Fallen.

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Military Initiative Fact Sheet

Programs for Families of the Fallen

Long-Term Youth Mentoring
Youth Mentoring is designed to encourage and support mutually beneficial relationships between adult role models and children ages 6-18. These relationships enable children to grow emotionally and socially, build resilience and develop coping skills while encouraging them to make healthy choices.

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Career Mentoring
Our Career Mentoring programs offer educational and career guidance for teens, pre-teens and adults. By understanding the significant concerns of surviving military families, including underemployment and transitions to new careers, our Career Resource Center provides young adults, Career Mentees, with support. Career Mentors are trained professionals who volunteer their time to give career advice and support, in addition to workshops, seminars and network-building opportunities to assist single-parent families.

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Support for Gold Star Mothers and Siblings
Our renowned Creative Insight program enables individuals who have experienced the loss of a service member to build their self-esteem, encourages innovative problem-solving and provides the tools needed to face challenges and experience more fulfilling lives.

Our therapeutic healing program, Heart to Heart, fosters long-term healing. These trauma-informed retreats are offered to military widows and Gold Star mothers. During the retreat, participants make connections, learn ways to navigate challenges, find resources and tools to move forward and discover new lifelong friends.

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“When our service members are faced with trauma — or tragically lose their lives as a result — it’s easy to forget their families are also dealing with the same trauma and left to cope alone. Military families need to know that there are resources available to them — and there is hope. Organizations like Tuesday’s Children understand that processing grief and managing trauma happens over the long run.” – Military Widow