Helping Heals from Tuesday’s Children is a community service initiative that gives participants the transformational and rewarding experience of giving back to other communities in need.

Tuesday’s Children’s Helping Heals program was established in 2006 in response to 9/11 youth who had experienced post-traumatic growth through our programming and sought to give back to others in need. Helping Heals connects youth and families who have suffered a loss with community service projects and disaster relief programs. One of Tuesday’s Children’s core competencies is the philosophy that “helping heals”. By helping others, the families of Tuesday’s Children move forward, by going through their grief process, building their resilience and transforming pain into positive action. Research indicates that giving something back to the community helps improve psychological mental health.

Closely connected to Tuesday’s Children’s Youth Mentoring Program and Career Resource Center, Helping Heals promotes skills building and service learning among youth and families with a focus on education, mentorship, role modeling, volunteerism and professional development.

Over the past few years, children and adults have participated in Helping Heals volunteer efforts in communities in need in Costa Rica; New Orleans, LA; Charleston, SC; Bay St. Louis, MS; and Austin, TX.

Programs Tuesday’s Children has partnered with:


New York Cares

Children for Children


September 11 National Day of Service

NY Says Thank You

Philadelphia Children’s Hospital

Make a Difference Day

Habitat for Humanity

Program Video