Heart to Heart and Gold Star Moms Retreats

Heart to Heart and Gold Star Moms Retreats are programs for widows to grow, heal and make lifelong friendships.

Heart to Heart and Gold Star Moms Retreats bring together wives or mothers of fallen US military service members for support and strength. These communities come together to honor their losses and take steps towards healing. Our resilience-building retreats have given widows and moms the opportunity to make connections, learn ways to navigate challenges, discover resources that aid in healing and find ways to recreate their lives with a renewed sense of hope and joy.

“Sometimes we don’t laugh because we think we need to act a certain way. Especially when you’re in it the first year, or even the first six months, you’re supposed to act like a widow. The label is on — ‘You’re a widow’ — so, that means you’re not supposed to be smiling, [but] it’s OK to laugh, it’s OK to cry, it’s OK to move on, and it’s OK to live, because we’re still left here on this earth to live. And that’s what we need to do.”

– Project Heart to Heart Participant Dana, Military Widow

“That complete strangers, grieving in many different ways and yet the same ways can come together to a form a bond of encouragement and hope guided by a compassionate and welcoming organization, brings hope that the world is still a place of love, care, and safety.”

– Gold Star Moms Retreat participant


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Gold Star Moms Retreat

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