Creative Insight: Taking the Next Step

Based on the renowned Stanford University Graduate School of Business Course, Creativity in Business, Tuesday’s Children is proud to offer Creative Insight: Taking the Next Step.

Creative Insight enables individuals to discover and utilize their creative potential, encourages innovative problem solving and provides the tools needed to face challenges and experience more fulfilling lives.

In using creativity to strengthen and enrich our own lives, we are better able to help fortify our families and communities.

The program includes an in-person weekend workshop, five live online classes, weekly check-in calls and a one-day workshop to complete the program and celebrate all that you learned.

The workshops and online classes are be filled with eye-opening exercises and teachings that will ignite self-discovery and will connect you with the other women in the program. Trained and experienced facilitators provide guidance that will inspire your growth and positive change.

Tuesday’s Children has replicated this life-changing program in the following communities:

–  400+ Family members impacted by September 11th, including 9/11 First Responders


–  Community members from Newton, CT


–  Peer groups of military and 9/11 widows