Project COMMON BOND: Meet Astrid

Jul 09, 2020

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As Virtual Project COMMON BOND kicks off this July, we are embarking into a new world of possibilities and reminded of the stories of strength, connection and healing of our participants.

Meet Astrid.

At the age of 12, Astrid’s sister was one of the 69 victims of a 2011 terror attack at a youth camp in Norway.

Astrid spoke about her trauma and the healing process she found at Project COMMON BOND in a CBS news segment. CLICK HERE to watch now.

Everything was so surreal and it took me a year to actually believe it. I just walked around thinking I would see her at every corner, at my school.”

“I didn’t believe that people were there to mourn her and be there for us because we lost her, because I just felt that she was away…I remember so many people trying to say the right words and me just thinking it was rude because they didn’t understand what I had been through.”

Through Project COMMON BOND, Astrid has found a safe haven and a community of peers who share her experience of trauma and loss.

“Just being here and being able to actually talk to people who understand you was so good. It helped me a lot to cope with what I’ve been through.”

“This is one of the places where I’m most happy. And I think that’s so weird because we’re all here because we’ve lost someone. This is kind of the silver lining of my loss, just having people that understand you, just having so much fun with people who have been through the same as you have been through.”

The friendships made at Project COMMON BOND and the community created by Tuesday’s Children stand the test of time.

Since 2008, Project COMMON BOND has united over 800 young adults from more than 30 countries. Our participants are a new generation of peacebuilders. Their past is changing the future.

During this strange time of isolation and uncertainty, these bonds are more meaningful than ever, and we are proud to continue this program by hosting our summer 2020 and winter 2021 sessions in a virtual environment.

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