A Mentoring Program Success Story

Dec 04, 2013

We recently received this letter from Portia, a mom of one of our current Mentees, and wanted to share this story about the power of a successful Mentoring relationship.


PortiaVanHello All,
Wishing you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. I just wanted to give you all an update on how our mentoring experience is going…FANTASTIC!!!

So they say, “Good things come to those who wait”, I am so inclined to wholeheartedly believe that, once again….Thanks to Tuesdays Children.

Chris is an amazing young man, and I know his parents chests could just burst when they see the product of all of their efforts. Van and Chris began their mentoring on 10/19 with a trip to the local county fair. Van purchased a bow & sponge arrow that Chris taught him how to use in the nearby school yard. They also handmade a beautiful candle for ME, but Van was hands off with the petting zoo. Upon returning Chris announced that he had a new nickname for Van…Mr. Popularity, because everyone at the fair knew him…lol… Van asked for a Wilson’s tennis racket for his birthday (10/3) which he got to use on their second outing 11/2. They went to our nearby Inwood park and was supplied an additional racket and balls to play. They both report a wonderful time. Their third outing was at Woodmere bowling lanes on 11/16 whereupon return Chris tutored Van with some math work that he told him he was struggling with while they were out.

Last Wednesday 11/20 was Parent Teacher conference, and all of Van’s teacher’s knew of”Van’s Mentor Chris”. They report improvement in his social skills (which has been one of his main areas of struggle). Chris has also agreed to join our team and has informed me that I can provide Van’s teachers his email with my approval so that he can tutor him in needed areas or studying with upcoming test, You know the show Everybody Hates Chris, well in our life Everybody Loves Chris.

This young man is one to be commended. He has in just a short time made himself a presence and has gone far beyond my expectations with how he has extended himself. Those two hours twice a month seems like so much more and we are forever thankful and grateful. He’s reliable, responsible, and dependable and I have also nicknamed him the Good Weather God. Every time he has come so far, the weather has been beautiful.With the cold weather now among us I have to start working on our new in home activity schedule so if you have any ideas maybe from other mentors I’d appreciate them.

Again, thank you so very much.