Our Impact

Through a time-tested, long-term approach, Tuesday’s Children keeps the promise to support all those impacted by 9/11; serves and supports our nation’s Military Families of the Fallen; and builds resilience and common bonds in communities recovering from tragedies.


Individuals directly impacted by the events of September 11th have been supported by Tuesday’s Children.


Individuals are currently served by the First Responder Alliance, a Tuesday’s Children program.


Youth from 20+ countries affected by violent extremism have attended Project Common Bond.


Youth have joined the Career Resource Center supported by our network of industry contacts.

Who We Serve

In partnership with experts from around the world and in collaboration with renowned facilitators and mental health professionals, Tuesday’s Children serves communities altered by an act of violence.
9/11 Family Members

9/11 Family Members

We serve all members of the September 11th community including, but not limited to, children, spouses, young adults, and individuals.

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Military Families of the Fallen

Our Military Initiative guides families of the fallen beyond grief into next steps towards a lifetime of healing.

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Local and Global Communities Impacted by Traumatic Loss

We’ve developed services for local & global communities impacted by traumatic loss, such as those impacted by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

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International Young Adults Impacted by Terrorism

We serve international adolescents who have experienced the loss of a family member due to an act of terrorism, violent extremism, or war at Project COMMON BOND.

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Tuesday’s Children Project COMMON BOND

International Peace Builders

We offer training for international chaperones from organizations that provide services in the fields of conflict resolution, social services, and mental health.

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9/11 First Responders

We have found that connecting First Responder families to other members of the September 11th community facilitates healing.

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How We Do It

Our Long-Term Healing Model

Over the years, we have built upon our proven methodology, elevated our platform of programs and services, and established new ways to broaden our organization’s reach and impact. We have worked to research, validate, and codify Tuesday’s Children’s enduring approach to long-term healing so that we may help other communities in need.
Our 15 years working with these communities has taught us that they need our long-term commitment and response; broad community-based outreach; a needs-based adaptive approach; evidence-based, resilience-building services; family and community involvement; and carefully selected partnerships.
We can assist in program development for community-based organizations, corporate or employee assistance programs, and aid government agencies and other service providers who seek to deliver effective long-term recovery to their own communities in the wake of tragedy.

Who We Are

Our Supporters

Our work would not be possible without the collaboration of our partners around the world. We are incredibly grateful for their continued hard work and dedication to our mission.
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