Youth Mentoring

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Tuesday’s Children’s Youth Mentoring Program has been tremendously successful and beneficial. To date, we have matched nearly 200 of our young people with committed and qualified mentors.

Commitment Time: Minimum of one-year commitment with four to six hours of contact per month.

Areas of Involvement: Commitment to developing a supportive relationship with a child who lost a parent on 9/11, between the ages of 7-18, registered with Tuesday’s Children.


  • Sincere desire to be personally involved with a child to help him or her achieve their potential;
  • Ability to communicate with children openly and nonjudgmentally;
  • Strong listening skills;
  • Ability to establish a relationship based on equal responsibility and respect;
  • Interest in the needs and concerns of children experiencing grief/bereavement;
  • Sensitivity to persons of different educational, economic, cultural or racial backgrounds.


  • Make a minimum of a one-year commitment to developing and maintaining a mentor relationship with a child;
  • Attend basic mentor training/orientation before being matched with a child;
  • Attend two ongoing mentor trainings and/or support sessions a year;
  • Meet with mentee on a regular basis to establish a positive and trusting relationship, where support can be provided to mentee in any area needed;
  • Assist mentee in problem solving regarding life issues that may arise and/or interfere with them achieving success;
  • Contact Mentoring Coordinator twice a month to discuss progress of relationship;
  • Have fun.

If you would like to apply to become a Tuesday’s Children Mentor, please contact our Program Director, Diana.


"My relationship with my mentee, Rodney, is just the latest and greatest example of something Tuesday's Children has done for me. Not many people I know have 13-year olds who they consider friends, and even fewer of them have 13-year olds who they look up to and consider personal heroes. Rodney is that kind of guy; I'm lucky to know him." —Kevin Parks

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