Creating community with peers who share common experiences is a powerful tool for healing and positive growth, especially for young people. In the years after 9/11, our young adult population expressed their desire to reach out to others worldwide who have experienced a similar loss and share a common bond. Since the inception of Project COMMON BOND, Tuesday’s Children has created an international community fostering positive personal growth and community action.


The curriculum for Project Common Bond, under the direction of Monica Meehan McNamara, has evolved through collaboration with Donna Hicks, author of the Dignity Model; The Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinic of Harvard Law School; and the many individuals who have participated in PCB.

Our goals are:

  • To model a community committed to peace building
  • To address the trauma of the experience of terrorism
  • To hear the voices and knowledges of those who have been affected
  • To promote dignity
  • To build greater appreciation for and curiosity about diverse cultures
  • To create new initiatives that offset the polarizing effect of global conflict
  • To build a foundation of ideas and practices that will inspire participants to contribute within their home communities

The curriculum provides a scaffolding for participants from varying cultures to come together in safety, and learn from one another, through empathy, healing and leadership; – all powerful antidotes to the effects of terrorism.

Sessions are conducted by facilitators are all trained in conflict mediation and/or psychology.

In addition, we offer, electives in peace building, drama, art, movement, music, and sports, all designed to further the exploration and expression of the goals of the curriculum.

Program Partners:

Association of Victims of Terrorisms  •  Adelphi University  •  Beslan Relief Fund  •  C Global Consulting  •  Coleman Raider International  •  Columbia University Center for the Study of Trauma and Resilience  •  Donna Hicks PhD. Harvard University  •  Embassy of Sri Lanka  •  European Network of Victims of Terrorism  •  Families Moving On, County Omagh  •  Harvard Law School Negotiation & Mediation Program  •  Haverford College Center for Peace and Global Leadership  •  International Foundation for Terror Act Victims  •  International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies  •  Mothers of Beslan  •  New York State Psychiatric Institute  •  Northern Ireland Phoenix Project, County Armagh  •  NYU Child Study Center  •  Parents’ Circle  •  Tanenbaum Center  •  The Peaceful Education Community Center in Tulkarem  •  The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs  •  The World Foundation of Music and Healing  •  Queens University, Belfast  •  Russian Children’s Welfare Society  •  South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEEF)  •  Unforgotten Children of Beslan  •  United States Institute for Peace  •  WAVE Trauma Center, Belfast  •  Women Without Borders  •  Youth Peace-Building Network

If you would like to become a Project Common Bond program partner, please contact Danielle Coon


  • We are thrilled to announce that in 2015, Project COMMON BOND will be held at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania from July 26- August 3! We will are accepting applications now- Please click on the Apply tab!
Project Common Bond


"PCB is an experience that I carry with me all the time. It is proof to the world that individuals from all different backgrounds have a common goal. It doesn't matter which languages you speak or which religions you follow all of these things come second to respect. Despite the losses and hardships in our lives, I can honestly say I have never met a group of more compassionate and truly happy people that came together as a result of all of the anger and hatred in the world. I am very proud to be a part of PCB and I know I have a unique family full of permanent friendships." -Jess, 2011, 2012 and 2013 USA participant

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