Project Common Bond 2014

Project COMMON BOND is building an international network of global youth ambassadors, whose lives have been transformed by terrorism and who are now striving toward tolerance, peace, positivity and empowerment. Their experiences unite rather than divide.

Project COMMON BOND brings together teens, ages 15-20, from around the world who share a ‘common bond’ — the loss of a family member due to an act of violent extremism or war. Launched in 2008, Project COMMON BOND has so far brought together teenagers and young adults from 20 different countries and territories to turn their experience of losing a loved one into positive actions that can help others exposed to similar tragedy.

Through Project COMMON BOND, “Our Past Is Changing the Future.” Participants in our summer peace-building symposium and our yearlong webinars and trainings engage in dialogue and community-building activities that enhance intercultural communication and conflict negotiation skills, promote dignity, and empower them as agents for positive change in their lives and communities.

Participating countries include Algeria, Argentina, Croatia, England, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka and the United States, with additional countries engaged for distance learning.

If you would like to sponsor a deserving young adult for this exciting opportunity, please donate now or contact Kathy@tuesdayschildren.org


  • We are thrilled to announce that this year, Project COMMON BOND will be held at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania from July 20-28! Send in your Application today!
Project Common Bond


“At the age of 9, my eyes were forever opened to the cruel reality of terrorism. Thank you for all the financial support that enabled me to participate in Project Common Bond. I have made lifelong friendships. I have learned about the complexities of other cultures. Most importantly, I have shared my tragedy and I have shared my hopes and dreams of making a profound difference in this world, not only in honor of my father, but out of responsibility to myself.” -Courtney, Project Common Bond participant


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