Project COMMON BOND is a program that brings together young adults, ages 15-20, from around the world who share a ‘common bond’ — the loss of a family member due to an act of terrorism, violent extremism, or war.

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Launched in 2008, Project COMMON BOND has created an international community of 700+ teenagers and young adults from 25+ nations and territories. Project COMMON BOND participants engage in a dialogue of healing and community-building activities that enhance interpersonal communication and conflict negotiation skills, promote dignity, and empower them as agents for positive change in their lives and communities. Each summer, new Project COMMON BOND participants attend a summer symposium focused on global leadership activities, peace building and negotiation, skill building, and collaborative and therapeutic arts - music, drama, movement and sports.

Project COMMON BOND also holds activities throughout the year for participants, chaperones, and staff members. These serve as an interactive forum for follow-up with past participants on their experience with the program and how they have incorporated the program’s lessons into their everyday life as well as orientation for new participants and chaperones. In January 2016, Project COMMON BOND launched a Winter Session in conflict negotiation for alumni of the summer symposium.

Project COMMON BOND also includes a program for participant’s chaperones, international activists from private organizations, NGO’s, universities, and governmental agencies who work with victims of terror in their home countries. The Chaperone Program brings together these individuals to share best practices and learn more about Tuesday’s Children’s Long Term Healing Model. Chaperones return home with tools and experiences to better help them serve their communities.

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“After spending a week with these extraordinary young people, I sensed in them a real commitment to use the skills they learned for positive change in their communities. Skills of perspective taking and empathy are essential for those who will lead our world in the years to come. It was a great honor for those of us in HNMCP to be witness to a transforming experience to participants who have endured much but who also have much to give in building a better world”


— Robert Bordone, Director of Harvard Law Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, on the impact of Project COMMON BOND.

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