Helping Heals

Austin, TX

During February break, a group of young adults traveled to Austin, TX to build homes for families in need through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Young adults were involved in different phases of constructing several houses including painting, landscaping, assembling kitchen cabinets, calking and installing doors. Working alongside the potential owner helped give the teens a real connection to the project and motivation to do a really good job. As Max, 18 said, “We’re here in Austin helping others rebuild their future which gives us the opportunity to rebuild ourselves.”

New Orleans, LA

Over Veteran’s Day Weekend, women from Tuesday’s Children and the American Widow Project traveled to New Orleans, LA to take part in a St. Bernard Project home build. Our Tuesday’s Children women who lost their husbands on September 11th were honored to join with women from The American Widow Project, a non-profit organization founded in 2007, whose core focus is to provide peer-to-peer support and resources to women who have lost a husband or fiancé in military service. These women honored their loved ones’ legacies by joining together and healing through helping others. As one woman said, “ It was the most inspiring, fun, hardworking weekend I’ve participated in.”

Bay St. Louis, MS

Rather than spend their school break with their friends, 22 teens spent a week in February 2011 helping others by building houses with Bay-Waveland Habitat for Humanity in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi in February of 2011. During the week, the teens met the recipient of the home who visited the site daily. They got to know who they were hammering for, who would be living in the house. They were able to make a real connection.


"Those who engage in volunteer work experience a significant improvement in emotional well-being, self esteem, self worth and self efficacy. Importantly, volunteers develop a greater sense of purpose in life, achieve increased mastery over their lives and improved life satisfaction."

—Dr. Marylene Cloitre, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the NYU Child Study Center and a member of our Professional Advisory Board

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