Helping Heals

Tuesday’s Children’s Helping Heals program is a community service initiative that gives participants the transformational and rewarding experience of giving back to other communities in need. Through this program, Tuesday’s Children has connected youth and families with community service projects and disaster relief programs.

Research indicates that giving something back to the community helps improve psychological mental health. Tuesday’s Children has instituted international, domestic and local community service programs for both teens and adults. While making a measurable difference in local communities, participants also learn craftsmanship skills from qualified professionals providing hands-on guidance and education.

Over the past few years, children and adults have participated in Helping Heals volunteer efforts in communities in need in Costa Rica, New Orleans, LA; Charleston, SC; Bay St. Louis, MS; and Austin, TX. Adults and teens have also participated in New York metropolitan area community service projects through New York Cares, Children for Children, CitiARTS, the annual September 11 National Day of Service, NY Says Thank You, Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, Make a Difference Day and other notable organizations. Most recently, Helping Heals participants have assisted with recovery efforts after Superstorm Sandy, assembled care packages for veterans and sent handmade snowflakes
to Newtown, CT.


"Those who engage in volunteer work experience a significant improvement in emotional well-being, self esteem, self worth and self efficacy. Importantly, volunteers develop a greater sense of purpose in life, achieve increased mastery over their lives and improved life satisfaction."

—Dr. Marylene Cloitre, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the NYU Child Study Center and a member of our Professional Advisory Board

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