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Is your company looking for a philanthropic investment?

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Good corporate citizenship — the new philanthropy. Do not think of your philanthropy as a charitable donation, think of it as a strategic business investment. Yesterday’s corporate ‘checkbook charity’ has been superceded by strategic philanthropy which ties donations of time, money and gifts-in-kind to defined business goals and desired benefits. Companies that have created corporate foundations or corporate giving programs have discovered that partnerships between private enterprise and public interest produce positive benefits for all.

Do not take our word for it. The same critical assessment you give your business investments applies to your corporate philanthropy. Businesses have reaped the market share, human resource and public relations advantages that philanthropy offers through programs that align community responsibility with business need. Businesses have reaped big rewards by involving workers in community volunteer efforts. Corporate philanthropy and volunteer programs build employee teamwork and collaboration skills while increasing worker loyalty and morale, enhancement of corporate reputation and overall goodwill. Addressing the issues that people in your community care about stimulates solid business development.

Our families are your communities. Their neighbors are your employees. September 11, 2001 left us all with the desire to find a way to simply do more. Join Tuesday’s Children and the companies that know strategic giving makes sound business sense. Join the companies that are doing well by doing good.

What do your customers think?
  • 83% have a more positive image of companies that support good causes
  • 65% would switch to a brand associated with a good cause
What do your employees think?
  • 87% of employees at companies with cause marketing programs feel a stronger sense of loyalty to their companies
What do your peers think?
  • 74% agree that volunteerism increases employee productivity
  • 93% agree that volunteerism builds employee teamwork skills
  • 94% agree that strategic giving improves a company’s public image

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