Junior Board

The Tuesday’s Children Junior Board consists of a diverse group of young professionals committed to raising awareness for Tuesday’s Children’s programs and services. By coordinating an annual calendar of fundraising events and volunteer opportunities, the Tuesday’s Children Junior Board will serve as the next generation of leaders committed to serving the needs of the 9/11 community of families, first responders, as well as those around the world that have been affected by acts of terrorism. If you are interested in becoming a Junior Board member, please contact Amanda Story.

Co-Chairs: Kristine Charbonneau & Kevin Parks

Annamaria Barbuti
Mariella Barbuti
Emily Berger
Sean Cahill
Veronica Campbell
Elisabeth Cardiello
Cailen Casey
Nicole Cavaliere
Noel Charbonneau
Nicole Cogan
Denis Cole
Danielle Cooperhouse
Maura Costello
Derek Coy
Nicholas Di Iorio
Joseph Dickey
Matt Dimmling
Jonathan Egan
Gregory Emmanuelidis
Michael Emmanuelidis
Tara Feinberg
Shane Finnegan
Robyn Fuchs
Mollie Garza
Angelique Goldenberg
Patrick Gordon
Elizabeth Gotimer
Andrew Grace
Amanda Gregory
Aria Grillo
David Grimner
Emily Harrington
Alexandra Iervolino
Josh Kahan
Doug Kechijian
Brian Leach
Megan Lenihan
Molly Lieberman
Jessica Milano
Brian Morris
Caroline Nussbaum
Christina Papi
Martin Patrick-McNulty
Lori Perillo
Genna Plumitallo
Nadia Rhodes
Jim Robinson
Kimberly Russo
Courtney Scanlin
Frank Schiro
Brian Scullin
Jessica Sears
Hilary Sica
Meghan Simmons
Patrick Sullivan
Samantha Tuchfeld
Catherine Wang
Jessica Waring
Lindsay Weinberg
Aaron Weitzman

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