Family Advisory Board

The Tuesday’s Children Family Advisory Board (FAB) enhances the effectiveness of Tuesday’s Children by reviewing topics presented by the Board and staff and keeps Tuesday’s Children apprised of the evolving needs of families. FAB members participate by voicing ideas on topics such as: events, programs, family engagement, organizational development, awareness, fundraising, and mission expansion.

Gindy Bladen
Lisa Clark
Charlie Clyne
Irene Dickey
Linda Fergus
Marianne Fitzpatrick
Diane Genco
Armine Giorgetti
Kelly Green Grady
Eileen Hannaford
Sonya Houston
Margeret Iskyan
Megan Manning
Maria McHugh
Meghan Simmons
Laurie Spampinato
Michelle Spinelli
Roseanna Stabile
Jean Steinbach
Vera Murphy Trayner
Allison Wallace
In Memoriam: Jane Pollicino

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